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Vantaa is one of the most populous cities in Finland – and there is a lot to do! Book the best adventures and accommodation in Vantaa.

Vantaa is a city of contrasts. There are the urban centres, and there are the green nature oases. There is the vivid city life, and the most quiet nature. Vantaa is international and yet it holds a distinctive local vibe – with a modern feel, yet with traditions. 

The city of Vantaa was established in 1974, but the area has been populated since the stone age. Vantaa has seen it all, what comes to Finnish history. Nowadays Vantaa is a part of the Greater Helsinki metropolitan area, home to 1,5 million people. The largest airport in Finland, the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport is located on the city grounds.

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Hike in Sipoonkorpi

Sipoonkorpi is an ancient forest, which sits partly inside Vantaa borders. The Kuusijärvi outdoor area, a gateway to Sipoonkorpi, serves all outdoor lovers the year around, with many nature and recreational activities.