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Nature photography , Workshop in Sipoonkorpi


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Workshop contains two guided photography sessions outdoors. In the first day we visit meadows and ponds in Sipoonkorpi National Forest to photograph nature objects found (butterflies, birds and flowers). The second day is aimed to improve the skills to make better landscape images. We pay visit to Emäsalo Island at the Gulf of Finland. There are beautiful rocky shore sections on this island.On both days the workshop continues in "classroom" sessions in the afternoon. The content is directed to learn the use of photo development software Lightroom Classic. The lecture is held by a professional teacher. Workshop is suited for beginners and intermediate level photographers.


Date: 4.-5. June 2022 , from 8 AM to 17 PM 

Workshop content:

  • 2 Guided photography sessions , 2x Lectures of Lightroom Classic (afternoon) 

  • Lunch on both days 

What to bring with:

  • Own SLR camera and computer

  • If you own: neutral density/polarizing filter

  • Lenses,tripod and rucksack to carry

  • Proper clothing/shoes and rain gear for outdoors

Number of participants 4-6 persons.