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Hanko is the southermost city in Finland, full of life, attractions and nature by the Baltic Sea. Come for a visit!

Hanko shows its beautiful face especially during the summer season, when the sea is at its most beautiful, the city is full of life and the nature blooms in its summer clothes.

Hanko, a smallish city with of 8000 people, is one of biligual regions in Finland, with a strong minority of Swedish-speaking residents. The cityline is notable of its old wooden villas and sandy beaches. Here and there are small shops, restaurants and cafés. The Hanko port is a notable commercial port in Finland, and the harbour with countless sailboats is a sight itself. The city is located on the southwestern tip of Finnish peninsula, about 130 kilometers from Helsinki. 

There are plenty of accommodation possibilities and nature activities in Hanko – book yours now and come to enjoy the maritime atmosphere in Hanko.