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Tentsile tree-tent is suspended above the ground from tree trunks – you will literally sleep on the clouds. Book your Tentsile accommodation in Southern Finland now. 

Through Bookingpoint you will be able to reserve ecological Tentsile adventures in Southern Finland. Tentsile was originally invented in the UK – it is a revolutionary tent, which doesn't harm the soil as the tent hangs from tree trunks above the ground. Once you dismantle the Tentsile, you never even knew it was there, as it doesn't leave any marks in the surroundings, preserving fragile vegetation.  

There are reservable Tentsile accommodation in the national parks of Nuuksio and Repovesi. On most of our available Tentsile products the Tentsile are readily hung, so you don't have to worry about assembling the tents. Use this hassle-free opportunity to try out the marvellous Tentsile and spend the night within the woods under the clear northern skies.