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Fiskars Village is a historic ironworks, which today hosts artists and artisans. Good food, wonderful nature and rich culture – those are Fiskars' ingredients. Welcome!

Fiskars Village is located in Raaspori municipality, 80 kilometres west from Greater Helsinki metropolitan area and 100 kilometers east from Turku city on the western coast. This former ironworks was founded in the 17th century, when a water power plant was built on the Fiskars riverbank. The oldest surviving buildings in the village today are from early 19th century. 

Fiskars sits on a river valley in South Finland, and the climate here is slightly more continental European than in Finland usually. There are uncommon plant species and the spring starts a bit earlier. The Fiskars river creates a beautiful setting for your nature excursion here. Book a guided tour, rent outdoor equipment such as Packraft inflatable kayaks, SUP boards or mountain bikes, or reserve accommodation in a cabin or in a hotel in Fiskars – this village is one of the most fascinating visiting places in Finland!