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Kemiönsaari, in Swedish Kimitoön, is a municipality at the Archipelago sea, Southwestern Finland. Come for a visit and be amazed!

Kemiönsaari is a municipality, which consists of several islands on the Finnish Archipelago Sea, one of the largest archipelagos in the world with several thousand small islands and inlets. Kemiönsaari itself is the second largest island in Finland, with beautiful nature and the sea all around.

Kemiönsaari sits along good traffic connections, and serves as a gateway to the smaller islands in the region. The municipality centre is located about 100 kilometers from Helsinki. 

There is plenty to see and to do in Kemiönsaari. There are several sights in the archipelago, such as the Bengtskär lighthouse, the fortress island Örö and the iron-foundry village Taalintehdas with old architecture.

Visit Archipelago Sea National Park

One of the main nature attractions in Kemiönsaari region is the Archipelago Sea National Park, which consists of sea areas and islands inside the archipelago. Book your tours and accommodation here and enjoy the breath-taking nature.