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Suomenlinna is a UNESCO world heritage site, a residential district and a tourist attraction in Helsinki. Jump on the ferry and visit this wonderful island, book a guided museum tour. 

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress is one of the most famous and loved visiting destinations in Helsinki. It is a 17th-century built sea fortress, which sits on a group of 8 small islands, located about a kilometer on the sea from Helsinki main market square. It is a tourist destination, an outdoor museum, a residential district with about 1000 residents and 400 workplaces, and a lovely nature resort – all this a 15-minutes ferry ride away from Helsinki city centre. 

Suomenlinna hosts several indoor museums, and the fortress itself comprises a large outdoor museum, with old fortress walls, tunnels, armaments and military architecture still intact and renovated.

There are various activities available in Suomenlinna, from guided tours to museum visits, summer theatres, restaurants and microbreweries. The island attracts visitors and local residents, looking for a relaxed summer day in the beautiful maritime environment. Hop in the ferry and get to know the vivid history of Suomenlinna. The public transit ferry operates all year around. There are also commercial ferry rides to the island.